Little Wonders International School is one place where you can give your child the best pre-schooling experience! The early years of a child’s life are the formative years and their first school always makes a lasting and profound impact on their lives. LWIS is one such place for the tiny, inquisitive yet mighty minds! During the early years the schools get the unique opportunity to support learners to cultivate love for lifelong learning. The pillars of early years learning are problem solving, critical thinking ,creativity and happiness. Little Wonders International School would give it all for your child’s learning.


Play to learn Environment

Children are born expecting to learn from all their senses.They learn and build upon their knowledge by engaging into activities like playing, building, sensing, exploring, engaging in manipulatives,performing etc. At LWIS the infrastructure is designed keeping in mind all the above and not letting children be stationed in the classroom for long. Every nook and corner of the school premise is adorned with engaging activities and corners which makes children draw some or the other learning from every part of the school campus.


Our curriculum focusses on developing "THE WHOLE CHILD". To speak on basis of standards the curriculum of LWIS is a blend of CIPP (Cambridge International Primary Program) , CBSE and ICSE. Along with the formal learning the school focusses on conceptual understanding with the means of various Problem Solving, Critical thinking and Creative development activities.


The FlintoClass curriculum is an integrated and holistic learning program inspired from the best of Waldorf, John Dewey, Multiple Intelligence and Play-way learning systems.
The program is integrated within the curriculum and the colourful and handson activities have made flintoclass a favourite of all the kids.

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