Our Programs

Play Group

Age group - 2 to 3 yrs Timing : 9.30 to 12 noon

Your little one will jump with excitement right into our informal and comfortable atmosphere that prepares the child for his further years of education.At this tender age,we start to mould the group into finest learners and work on activating their minds. Play gropup year concentrates on developing the physical aspects and the basic understanding of a child .The curriculum is more activity based where we work upon a child's readiness skills.Lot of fine motor and gross motor activities have been devised in-order to introduce children to the concepts that would further be refined in Nursery and Kindergarten.

Nursery & Kindergarten

Age group - 3 to6 yrs Timing : 9.30 am to 1.30 pm

These are the initial years of formal education which create the foundation for education. We at Little Wonders International believe in creating long lasting foundations.The children are introduced to subjects like-English,Math,Science and EVS in Nursery,which are further reinforced in the coming years. Keeping in mind that learning can be best when it is initiated by the surrounding environment and motivated by providing optimum opportunities to learn,we have charted our curriculum such that our wards are supplemented by indoor and outdoor activities. The fine motor and gross motor skills are also polished in these years.

Mother Toddlers

Age group - 1 yr to 1.5 yrs

Our signature program for infants accompanied by the mothers Age Group We at understand the strength and importance of the bond between a mother and a child.The mother's presence will create interest for the child to learn,giving the child a head start into education. This program has been devised to partner with the mother.The early years of a child's life are the years,and what could be better than having their own Mother help them learn? The mother Toddler program requires for the Mother to accompany her child on the campus and thereby the take part in all the learning activities within a group of other Mother-Toddler duos.We look forward to providing a lively atmosphere with lots of engaging activities for the two of you to spend some quality -learning time here at LWIS.

Teenie Weenies

Age group - 1 yr to 2 yrs

Our unique pre-play program for children between 1 yr to 2 yrs is specially designed to support the preliminary growth years of the child with the activities that would to develop their
– Language Skills
– Gross & Fine motor skills
– Cognitive Corner (Audio & Visual)
– Behavioural Skills (Socio – Emotional)

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